Field Trip

Field Trip 2.0.9

Get alerts when you're near points of interest


  • Beautiful and easy to use interface
  • Tons of points of interest
  • Ability to set frequency of notifications
  • Automated discovery


  • Not many photos
  • Limited amount of information

Very good

Field Trip, developed by Google's Niantic Labs, is a travel app that will help you discover things to do and places to visit.

If you're in a new city and don't know what there is to do, Field Trip can help you. Field Trip will alert you with a notification when it detects that you're near a point of interest. There are different categories that you can subscribe to so you aren't overwhelmed with notifications

When you first launch the app, you are taken through a setup process where you can set how often you will get notifications. There's a 'Feeling Lucky' setting that is a good compromise for getting occasional notifications.

Field Trip then populates a map and list with points of interest that are color coded according to type. You can sort by architecture, historic places, lifestyle, offers, and more. Dig a bit deeper into Field Trip and you can find specific sites and services that the app pulls information from. You can opt to have more or less information from each site or service.

Tapping on a point of interest will give a brief description about it. From there, you can like, dislike, share, and visit the site in your browser. It's a shame that links don't open within the app itself.

Though Field Trip is useful, it's not entirely perfect. There are a limited amount of photos and it is surprising that Google didn't include its huge picture database from its Google Earth service. It would have also been nice if Field Trip included more in-depth information about landmarks.

Overall, Field Trip is a great way to discover what interesting places and things there are to do around you.

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S2 devices running Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Fix for Samsung Galaxy S2 devices running Ice Cream Sandwich

Field Trip


Field Trip 2.0.9

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